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Semi-Permanent, Individual Eyelash Extensions Training

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Lash extensions continue to be one of the most popular beauty salon services in the UK, and according to the latest Guild Lash Treatments survey the demand for lash extension treatments shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This course covers the technique for eyelash extension application for both individual and flare lashes, removal and maintenance. The course includes anatomy and physiology of the hair and eye, contra-indications and contra-actions to the treatment. Reception, consultation and aftercare guidance is also covered.


CPD Points


Certificate Type

GTi Award

Entry Requirements:

GTi Professional Standards & Covid 19 Prevention


Insurance Notes

This course can be covered by the Guild's insurance policy.

Insurance conditions and warranties may apply.

*Please Note: The Theoretical part of this course is done online and must be completed at the time of the the 1st Practical Day.

email:   bookings@rclash.com for more details


This is a VIP COURSE 1:1, meaning one student/day of course, so  all the trainer's attention will be on one student, giving the student more time to ask individual questions.

VIP 1:1  Accredited SEMI-PERMANENT,

 Individual Eyelash Extensions -Foundation Training 

(theoretical and practice)      


Price £700 without Starting Kit

£900 with Starting Kit 

* Please email bookings@rclash.com with your preferred option




What is included in the price?

* BeautyGuild Registration fee (student fee) for the insurance of  the practical day and Theoretical Part

*10% off for any other courses with RC.LASH Training Academy

*£10 Discount if you choose BeautyGuild for insurance

*10% for every purchase from LashBase

*Ongoing Support 


Who is this course for?

  • This course is suitable for beginners, who want to enter the Professional Eyelash Extensions Industry

  • Perfect for students that want to refresh their knowledge in eyelash application

  • If you want to add an extra treatment to your services

  • Do not require prior experience in beauty industry ​

  • Accredited Course: at the end of the course you will be able to get an insurance and START practising your NEW SKILL!

Starting kit : 

Please email bookings@rclash.com if you like to purchase a Starting Kit, value £200.


The theoretical part done online (prior the 1st Practical Day), 2 days of practice with tutor(plus practice at home on doll).


Accredited by Beauty Guild meaning you can request insurance after the course if you want to continue with a  career  in Eyelash Extensions industry.

Starter kit: £200

*please contact booking@rclash.com, if you like to purchase a starter kit.

  • 2 Tweezers

  • 4 Eyelash Extensions Boxes

  • Eyelash Palette

  • Eyelash Glue

  • Training Eyelashes

  • Protein Remover Pads

  • Micropore Tape

  • Jade Stone

  • Primer

  • Cleanser

  • Eyelash Shampoo

  • Small Eyelash Blower

  • Alcotip Swabs

  • Lash Cleansing Bottle

  • Eyelash Remover

  • Blue Tape(sensitive tape)

  • Notebook

  • Bullet points Manual

  • Doll head

  • Disposable lip brushes

  • Lash brushes


Theoretical part:

-before the Practical Day you will have online  access to the theoretical part provided by BeautyGuild and includes 3 modules

  • Covid -19 Infection Prevention & Control

  • Professional Standards for Therapists

  • GTI Semi-Permanent, Individual Eyelash Extensions Course :

    • History of Eyelash Extensions 

    • Introduction

    • Health & Safe

    • Hygiene and Infection          

    • Benefits of Eyelash Extensions 

    • Eye anatomy                        

    • Patch test & Contraindications 

    • Contra Actions                       

    • Equipment                              

    • Adhesive and Properties

    • Mapping and Styling

    • Cleansing and Pre –treatment

    • Removal 

    • Aftercare

    • Maintenance

-after completing the theoretical part online (can take up to 2 weeks) you will have 2 practical days with our Eyelash Extensions Trainer, Ramona.

Practical days:

Day 1 : 10am - 4pm

  • Recap of the theoretical part

  • Beauty room set up (tools, light, beauty bed)

  • Practice on a  mannequin

  • Questions/Quiz

After 1st day of practice:

  • You will have to practice at least 6 Eyelash Extensions Sets on the doll, at home and you will have to send to your trainer with each set that you do on the doll, so the trainer can give you advice on what or how you could improve your technique.

* After finishing the 1st day of course, you will need to practice at home on the doll (for at least 6 sets) and keep the trainer updated with picture, so you can receive constructive criticism and keep on improving. ​

Day 2 : 10am-4pm (after completing at least 6 sets of lashes on doll at home)

  • Practise on live model (brought by the student) for 3h-4h

  • You will learn everything you have to know so the Lash Application can be easy and efficient

  • Questions/Quiz 

  • You will receive your Certificate in an electronic format on your email

*After passing the course, you will have to send pictures to your trainer with the first 3 clients that you will have, so you can receive constructive critisism, if needed.  



*Please note that you will receive your certificate after completing the theoretical part, 1st day of practice with the tutor, practice at home on at least 6 different eyelash extensions sets and the second day of practice, on live model, with the tutor.


*The lenght of this course depends on how often you can practice at home.

ex: Theoretical part takes approx 2 weeks, 1st day of practice with tutor, after, the practise at home for at least 6 dolls -1 set/day on the doll at home (good sets)=6 days, you can have the 2nd practical day the second week after the first practical day=4 weeks.


*When you book for the first practical day, keep in mind that the theoretical part may take up to 2 weeks. Book your practical day(the first day) 2 weeks after you want to start the course, so you allow the previous 2 weeks for theory. For any questions email bookings@rclash.com


*After completing both Theoretical  and Practical part of the course, you will receive your Certificate in an electronic format for FREE or can be ordered in a hard copy form from BeautyGuild for £18.

*This course is fully accredited, meaning you you will be qualified as Eyelash Extension Technician and have an insurance to provide Eyelash Extensions services.

*Practical part of the course will be available on Saturdays (other days may be available upon request).


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