Booking Policy

We send confirmation emails for all our appointments and a reminder email 24 hour before( including aftercare advice)the time of your appointment. 

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time by email, telephone or text message.  If the salon is closed, please send an email to


For Cancellation / rescheduling up to 48 hours before your appointment is free of charge and any booking fee paid is refundable in full.


For cancellation / rescheduling less than 48 hours before your appointment will result in the loss of your booking fee.

Treatments(infills, full sets)

When booking infills please ensure that you have at least 40% of lashes left on, any appointments over 4 weeks will need to be booked as a new set appointment. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment or to charge a full set price if you come for an infill with less than 40% lashes left on.

If you are booked in for a Full Set and have lashes on from another salon please make sure you are booking a removal too.

Please note that infills from other salon are not accepted.


Appointment Arrival


We know it happens but if you are late for your appointment your treatment may be shortened in consideration for the next client.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for a Touch Up or 20 minutes for a Full Set, we have the right to refuse service and your booking fee will not be refunded.


Every appointment has been allocated a time slot and we would like you to get the most of your time. Arriving late will result having less time for your treatment and we cannot guarantee being able to  give you the full service.

Please avoid wearing eye make up on the day of our appointment, as most eye make up contains silicon and this will affect the glue bonding. Arriving with eye make up on, means we will have to deduct make up removal time from treatment time.


Pregnancy or hormonal treatment

Please note that pregnant ladies will not be able to have a lash treatment without a letter from GP saying is ok to have them done.


Ladies having a hormonal treatment may cause a problem with lash retention so is advised to avoid lash treatments during medication.

Clients with previous allergic reaction caused by lashes will not be able to have the treatment done


Patch test

Please note that all new clients who haven't had lashes before must book a patch test at least 24h prior the treatment.