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Lemon Bottle
Skin Booster


Benefits of Lemon Bottle Skin Booster

  •  Improves skin elasticity & anti-wrinkle

  • Brightening

  • Smoothing & skin tissue recovery

  • Improving pores texture

  • Hydration


PROCEDURE TIME:  30-45 minutes


Fast results starting after the 1st treatment.

Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve a better result.


1st month: 1 vial per week (4 vials per month)

2nd month: 1 vial per week, 2 weeks apart (2 vials)

3rd month: 1 vial per month

7 vials per person

Key ingredients:

Lemon Bottle Skin Booster is a solution that combines 11 high-content amino acids, multivitamins, multi-peptides, and antioxidants required for skin cells with HA to provide them directly to the skin, engaging in the new production of collagen, elastin and supplying nutrients needed for the skin.

Vitamins and amino acids increase collagen to firm, tighten and tone the skin

Niacinamide and vitamin C help balance uneven pigmentation

Antioxidants prevent future UV damage that leads to dark spots.

Niacinamide shrinks the appearance of enlarged pores.

Collagen stimulation helps tighten and lift sagging pores.

Amino acids boost elastin fibers to improve skin's spring and bounce.

Glutathione and vitamin C combat inflammation that causes facial redness.

Panthenol accelerates healing of irritated skin.

Sodium DNA effects on skin rejuvenation, collagen and elastin synthesis.

The added hydration plumps up areas that have lost fat and collagen.

Lemon Bottle Skin Booster is good for both women and men who want to improve overall skin quality and reduce signs of aging.

What areas can be treated?


What results can I expect?

Lemon Bottle Skin Booster effectively targets common cosmetic complaints, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dull, lifeless complexion, sun and age spots, sagging jowls and neck, enlarged pores, and scars and blemishes.


  • Optimized skin regeneration function and cell growth function

  • strengthen skin elasticity in the dermis and epidermis and delivers ingredients that help improve skin tone

  • Induce collagen production in fibroblasts in dermis layer

  • Lifting effect

  • Improving fine line

  • Brightening the skin


  • Pregnancy

  • Breast feeding

  • Auto immune disease

  • Kidney issues

  • Thyroid issues

  • Active skin conditions

  • Neuromuscular disease (e.g. MS, ALS, motor neuropathy myasthenia gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome

  • Selfish, fish allergies

Lemon Bottle Skin Booster

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